Warmi Guayusa Tulsi Rose

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3.5 oz. (100g) Bag of Loose Leaf Sun-Dried Guayusa, Pure Damask Rose Petals, Krishna Tulsi / Holy Basil • 50+ Servings

A delicious, medicinal synergy of alertness, focus, and relaxation! Tulsi is a powerful herb described by Ayurvedic texts as a pillar of holistic herbal medicine. As an adaptogen, it carries the ability to “intelligently” balance the body’s energy levels. Our hand-harvested Damask Rose petals add a delicious floral aroma, flavor and even more stress-relieving properties.

Live Vibrantly! Guayusa, Tulsi, and Rose Petals are recognized as therapeutic plants loaded with antioxidants with a long list of curative benefits. Tulsi and Rose are also known for their potent anti-microbial and liver-protecting benefits.

WARMI works with a small community of agriculturists who believe in the honoring the spirit and essence of this plant, and have kept the ancient tradition of sun-drying the Guayusa leaves. Rather than using dehydrators and gas-fired ovens, common methods utilized by industrialized Guayusa producers, our slow, dedicated cultivation method yields a higher quality brew and significant higher earnings for participating indigenous communities in the Amazon.

PREPARATION: Steep 1-2 tbsp. in boiling water per 8oz of water.

TEA POT: Boil water, add crushed leaves and steep for 5-10 minutes. The longer it steeps, the stronger and darker the brew.

DRIP COFFEE MAKER: Prepare as you would normally brew your favorite coffee.

FRENCH PRESS: Prepare as you would normally brew your favorite coffee or tea.

Check out the BENEFITS page to learn more about WARMI Guayusa's nutritional compounds.

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